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Mahragan El-Keraza 2012

4:30 PM

3/13/2012 Update: Many resources for Mahragan 2012 are appearing. Check out the Canadian site: PDFs for books are already available!

Although Mahragan El-Keraza is still months away, at my church we're riding on the high of Mahragan 2011. Our students did an incredible job, and we were more organized than ever!

Over the course of a few posts, I want to share with you our successes in ways that can be replicated.  This is for our benefit (we have to pull it off again!) and for the benefit of any Coptic church thinking about starting Mahragan.

Let me give you a little background info on our church. About six years ago, there were 30 families, no priest, no church building. Now, we have over 200 families, an awesome priest, a beautiful church, and land waiting in the works for expansion projects.

At any time during the year, we have about 13 women with child--so our Sunday school will never run out of little ones to serve :)! Currently, there are about 150 school-aged children and over 40 preschoolers.

1. The Registration Process
2. Mahragan Marketing
3. The Schedule
4. Gathering the Servants
5. Powerful Lessons
6. Building Relationships

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